Monday, January 16, 2012

Why You Should Deal With a Legitimate Computer Recycling Company

By Karen K Williams    

The increasing demand and use of computers in all spheres of life has lead to an increased computer usage. With time, these computers need to be replaced for better ones, or for a change. These computers shouldn't be just dumped in a waste dump; they have to be properly disposed of through using computer recycling.
There are various companies offering computer recycling services today; however not all of them are legitimate. These illegitimate companies have emerged to make money through recycling, using unethical and illegal means. It is no point recycling your computers with these companies as you don't end up protecting the environment, but instead, create more damage to the environment.

Signs of an illegitimate computer recycling company
This is why you have to know how to distinguish between a legitimate and an illegitimate recycling company. Instead of recycling computer waste, these illegitimate companies tend to shed lots of this waste to developing countries.
This is rather dangerous as the people in these developing countries don't actually have any defined e-waste disposal methods and systems. The e-waste sent here ends up polluting the water supplied to households to cause dire health consequences. The recycling rates of these companies are usually higher than legitimate companies as the company has to include shipping and other similar costs to their recycling rates.
It is important that you wisely choose a legitimate recycling company for recycling your computer. This is because most computer users tend to forget to delete their hard disk of all important information once the computer is not in working condition.

Ask for records
If these illegitimate companies lay their hands on such computers, they will extract your sensitive and private data like account details and social security numbers and sell it for a price to people who want such information to commit bigger crimes.
If your computer reaches a legitimate computer recycling company, you are assured that your hard disk will be completely destroyed by melting the hard disk so that there are no chances of any data recovery by anyone.

The best way to find out if a computer recycling company is legitimate is to ask if the company maintains records of all the computers they recycle. Companies that keep records of all the computers they recycle tend to note n where the computers are sent for recycling its different parts, and how the parts are actually recycled.

With such clear information at your fingertips, these computer recycling companies can genuinely be trusted for safe computer recycling towards a green environment and future.

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