Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stop Wasting Paper - Easiest Way in Saving the Forest

By Lazaro J Hester 

Paper has become important needs for people in almost all ages. Students deal with a lot of books and notes so their requirement of paper is inevitable. Employees need paper at least for their reports. Not to mention the presence of printed media that surely uses paper as its main material. People are so accustom to use paper until they are not realize that sometimes they are reducing the vast of the forest by wasting paper.

Paper is made from wooden pulp with some technical and mechanical processes. Most of the manufacturers are using wood from legal plantation. However, some of them are also using wood from natural forest. For this reason, wasting a lot of papers means letting some wood suppliers to cut more trees from the forest to fulfill other demand. Therefore, we should be really careful in using paper to maintain the vast of forest as the lungs of the world.

Meanwhile, forest ecosystem is very important to keep the climate balance. When the vast of the forest getting narrower, there will be a lot of bad effects occur. The most common effects are flood and landslide, longer drought, and wellspring will be more difficult to find. In more serious case, it even influences some problems or changes in climate or weather.

So, are you going to let those serious problems happen? The easiest way in saving our forest is being careful in paper using. You can do some of these simple steps in saving paper. They are:
1. Print the important documents only. For the less important documents or file, it is better for you to save it in the form of soft copy instead of had copy.
2. Use both sides of the paper. It increases the efficiency in using paper so you can save almost 50% of the total quantity.
3. Use the feature of "print 2 pages per sheet" in your system. It allows you to reduce the size of the font but still in comfortable size to be read, so you can print two pages of document in a sheet of paper only.
4. It is better for you to give any draft of your document through email, because usually you should edit some of your writing inside of the document. Printing your draft only makes a lot of papers ended in trash bin.
5. Use printer that is specifically designed to print in both side of the paper.
By doing those tips, you are trying to save our forest as well. It is also a good thing to do for our better environment, so we should not have any doubt to do.

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