Monday, January 23, 2012

What is an Animal Waste Biomethane Gas Collection System Technician?

By Ezra Drissman    

A Biomethane Gas Collection System Technician is responsible for the operation of equipment that processes animal waste and methane gas. The technician also tends to the day-to-day checking and maintenance of the equipment at a biomethane plant.

The career outlook for an Animal Waste Biomethane Gas Collection System Technician is excellent. They make on average $28-$45 thousand a year.
The Biomethane field is very 'green' because of all the different things that can be accomplished with it. While certain plants use methane gas in certain ways, there are multiple ways methane gas can be used to make energy.

The basic premise to the way Biomethane plants are improving the world is by taking thousands of pounds of animal waste and using it to create fuel. The gasses from this waste can be refined and turned into natural gas and pumped into the natural gas grid for use. Methane gas can also be refined and used in certain vehicles. There are many other uses for methane gas that are currently being researched and developed as well, so there will likely be a large demand for it in the future. This will require more biomethane plants and workers.
The education required to be a technician on a methane gas plant is fairly easy to attain. You have a few different options, and which you take will depend on what is available to you and your preferences. You can get an apprenticeship at a biomethane plant, and get hands-on experience while you are being trained. You could also attend a trade school to learn what you need to know, or you can attain an Associate's Degree. Any of these or a combination of the three will put you in a good position for getting a technician job at a biomethane plant.

Some college coursework recommendations are Chemistry, Power Generation, and Landfill Gas Plant Operations. College learning and work experience with electrical, mechanical, or control systems are also positively viewed in the biomethane industry.

If you are good with technology and have an interest in a field that takes waste and turns it into something useful, a Gas Collection System Technician job might be great for you. Technicians need to be good with their hands, and have the ability to tend to details. Since technicians work with the mechanics of the plant, you need to be sure you can keep up with advances in plant technology and always be ready to learn something new.
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