Friday, April 6, 2012

How Retailers Benefit From Using Promotional Tote Bags?

By Danica Pemberton Green

People are becoming more aware of their contribution to the environmental degradation. Many are people are participating in energy conservation and preserving the environment. They start conserving water and recycling non-biodegradable wastes, environmental conscious people are now doing their part in the restoration of our planet.
Many retail business owners responded positively in the call of environmental advocates for businesses to "go green" and make the change in the society. One method that many retailers have implemented in their enterprises is giving away promotional tote bags. With the use of tote bags they are not only advertising their own business but they are also promoting green practices in the community. They convince people to use and reuse their promotional bags instead of creating more plastic wastes in the landfills.
Impact of giving away promotional tote bags:
1) Reduces the demand for plastic shopping bags.
Plastic shopping bag is the said to be the culprit for the mounting wastes in landfills that contaminates the soil and other natural resources. And it would take thousands of years before plastic bags decompose. This basically means that it still needs thousands of years before the mounts of plastic will decay and the number of plastics in landfill is growing every day. This is the result of excessive use of plastic bags that are instantly discarded after items have been purchased. Retail businesses are known to be the primary source of plastic shopping bags. If retailers will provide reusable bags to consumers plastic consumptions will drastically decline.
2) It serves as an economical medium for advertising and promotion:
Giving away promotional items like tote bags are affordable ways for a business owner to advertise their business, especially when compared to traditional forms of advertising. Just ensure that the bags you will be giving away are durable and have attractive designs that can induce people to reuse it whenever they go shopping in retail stores.
Although printed shopping bags are great medium for branding your company, tote bags are still the better alternative in terms of durability and eco-friendliness. Paper bags easily break when used for carrying heavy items while reusable totes can carry heavier things without tearing.
Some excellent and environment-friendly options are available when it comes to tote bags. Some of these include:
Canvas - this is a multipurpose material. It is made from cotton and the process used for weaving canvas results in a heavy-duty fabric that has the capacity to carry heavy items. Canvas is a smart choice for a shopping bag. It is sturdy enough to contain all the purchases without tearing or breaking. Lastly, canvas tote bags are washable.
Nylon- it is made of synthetic fiber that is versatile and durable. It is a great choice for creating promotional totes as it holds dye well. By using this material you can be sure that your company logo printed on the tote will stay for a longer time. Like canvas, nylon can carry heavy items without breaking or tearing. It is elastic and perfect for carrying bulky things like books.
Cotton- It comes from natural fiber and one of the inexpensive materials for producing promotional tote bags. Cotton is easy to maintain and can be washed and dry after used. Cotton shopping bags are meant to hold lighter items compared to canvas and nylon.
Danica Green is a branding aficionado who believes that a paper shopping bags and shopping bag design plays a crucial role in enhancing your brand image. She currently writes how promotional tote bags could significantly amplify your retail sales and keep customers coming back to you.

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